Coin Number 416

This is believed to be the first proof grouping issued of the revised Augustus Saint-Gaudens design that was reworked substantially by Charles Barber in order to get it into a more normal coining mode which required one strike. Clearly much of the depth and power of the original design was lacking, as such deep devices required far more than one strike to bring up fully. Nevertheless, these are beautiful in their own right, with the Saint-Gaudens design instantly recognizable. Liberty strides toward the viewer with torch and olive branch in hand. The sun’s glory rays burst forth from the horizon behind, and the Capitol is seen in the distance. The date is now in Arabic numbers as 1907. LIBERTY is stated at the top, and the same small 46 stars surround her. The edge has Large sized letters for E PLURIBUS UNUM.On the reverse the eagle is in full flight to the left, his wings bold and proud with feather detail crisp and abundant. Below is the sun cresting the horizon with rays extending up to the top rim of the coin, behind the eagle. The legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is at the top, and just below that is TWENTY DOLLARS. This one remains of just a few struck, possibly three, but today is unique with the Large Letters edge, the others lost or melted.

Captain North Cased Set/Trompeter/Philip H. Morse [from CoinFacts] Capt. Andrew North (as part of a cased set) – displayed by Stack’s at the 1956 ANA Convention – Stack’s 4/1980, sold privately as part of the “The Million Dollar Set” (Captain North) of 1907 coinage – NERCG/Jim Halperin – Ken Goldman – Bowers & Merena “Hatie Collection” 8/1983:2855 – Trompeter Collection – Heritage, sold privately in 1999 – Philip H. Morse Collection – Heritage 11/2005:6536, $230,000 – Heritage 1/2007:3832, not sold – Heritage 1/2007:2088, not sold – offered by for $2,000,000 at the 5/2012 Long Beach Show – Heritage 4/2015:5489, $376,000