Coin Number 414

This is one of the finer examples of this famed issue known. The Wire Rim refers to the tiny raised rim around the entire coin at the extreme edge, basically this is where the collar allowed some minute part of metal to flow into this tiny space between the collar edge and the die. Remember that these were struck several times to bring up the design elements so a lot of metal was moving during the process and any void would be filled. Thankfully the voids were these majestic designs of Liberty striding forward with her torch and branch, her gown and long hair flowing in the breeze. Matching the striking difficulties on the reverse is the height of the eagle’s wing, its leading edge stands well out from the other wing and this device required immense pressure and multiple strikes to bring up. The surfaces are as perfect as the day they were struck, and clearly this coin has only been handled with the most intentional care imaginable to remain so perfectly preserved today.These High Relief coins were only struck at the Philadelphia Mint, which had the largest capacity and newest coin presses, and even these could not easily deliver the complex designs of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. These were more like circulating medals than coins intended for circulation. It is believed about 11,250 were struck, most of them exist today, and these stand as the finest mass-produced coin ever to be created at our mints even to this day. They are inspiring to behold.