Coin Number 413

This is one the finest graded examples of the High Relief in Proof, a coin with as much history and challenges as it has beauty and quality. The mintage of these in Proof was probably around 350 pieces, a bit fewer than 300 are graded today by NGC. The strike is absolutely prodigious. These nearly one ounce of gold planchets were struck up to seven or eight times to bring up the designs fully, as no one wanted a flat knee or beveled leading edge to the eagle’s wing in full flight! Yes, the medal press had to strain with all its might over and over to get these incredible coins to yield to the repeated pounding of the dies, to create their full majesty as seen here. Liberty seems to stride right off the obverse of the coin, right into the viewer’s face. Her body feels in motion, walking and stepping upon a rocky ledge, the sun burst behind her over the Capitol. Her hand thrust forward with the torch of truth blazing, and the olive branch of peace in her other hand. LIBERTY is spelled out above, and the date is in Roman Numerals of MCMVII. 46 small stars surround the edge, representing the 46 states of the union. On the edge of the coin the collar impressed E PLURIBUS UNUM.On the reverse a majestic eagle in full flight is seen, with the sun cresting the horizon with its rays blazing forth to the upper edge and all around the coin behind the eagle. At the top of the coin is the legend UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and just below that is TWENTY DOLLARS. The sheer majesty of this magnificent superb gem simply cannot be overstated.